Rev. Matt Behrens

Matt Behrens is a screwed-up mess who’s loved by Jesus. He’s learning what it means to live in that reality as a husband & father, and as a child of God. Matt is a pastor to Buda, Kyle & south Austin through The Well, and he loves to bike, climb, explore and experience life with neighbors and friends. Connect with Matt through TheWellTX.com.


You Can’t Pour from an Empty Bucket: How full is your bucket? You’re serving in a role where you’re asked to pour into others (youth, volunteers, leaders) constantly. You can’t pour from an empty bucket. Let’s talk about how to stay full. Pause, reflect and pick up strategies and encouragement for keeping your bucket filled.  (Session 1)


The Best Ideas I Never Had: Creativity suffers as a solo effort, but it can be difficult (also read: annoying, frustrating, frightening, etc) to bring other people into a planning process. How can we bring multiple personalities into our planning without losing control? How much control do we even need? We’ll dig into these questions as we talk teams, ownership, brainstorming, partnering and increasing creativity.  (Session 2 & 8)