Rev. Mark Wood

Rev. Mark Wood serves as the director of LCMS Witness & Outreach Ministry and the director of Revitalization. In those roles, he identifies, develops and promotes resources for assisting congregations with Revitalization, equipping Lutherans for witnessing of Jesus, and guiding congregations in more effective outreach. Prior to joining the LCMS Office of National Mission in June 2014, Mark served as the founding pastor of Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Lithia, Fla., a daughter congregation of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Brandon, Fla., where he served as the evangelism pastor from 2000 to 2008. Mark is a second-career pastor. He served on active duty service in the U.S. Air Force for six years and then worked 14 years in the aerospace-defense industry, primarily in project management systems. A 2000 graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind., he also holds an associate’s degree in computer programming, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Fla. His dissertation is titled “Church Planting Stewardship.” Mark is married to Mary Ellen, an independent home design consultant. They have five adult children and five grandchildren.


The Witnessing Nexus: The Why, Where, and How of Your Call to Be Christ’s Witness: 

The Bible teaches us that God has a plan for each of our lives. But just how extensive is His plan for you and what is the purpose behind His plan? Ultimately, God’s plan for each of His people revolves around His call for each of us to be His witness to the people He’s put into our lives. He’s worked things out for you to be a witness of Jesus where, when, and with whom He’s placed you in an amazing nexus – a point at which people and things come together. How can you be an effective and faithful witness of Jesus in response to His love and this call? Discover the why, where, and the how of witnessing through a better understanding of your Witnessing Nexus.