Rev. Jeffrey Meinz

Rev. Jeffrey Meinz is the Director of Family Ministry at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, Colo.  Meinz has brought you “National News” and “Gathering News” for a number of years.  Your trusted source for thought-provoking humor and laughter is back in a new role of facilitator for all plenary sessions with Leah Abel and workshop speaker.


Dirty, Smelly Evangelism: Outreach and evangelism can be messy; so messy that you wonder if you’re hearing God accurately.  Yet Scripture shows that, often times, the messiest ministry is exactly where God does His most magnificent work.  Join Rev. Jeffrey Meinz as he discusses the messiest outreach opportunity he’s ever been a part of.  Total strangers in Colorado Springs are walking into Holy Cross Lutheran Church and seeking connection, asking to be baptized, attending worship, and are engaging in Bible Study.  Does God want to do the same thing where you serve?  Bring Clorox wipes…This workshop will get MESSY!