Rebecca Duport, DCE

Rebecca Duport, DCE and her husband enjoy spending time with their four boys and their events in scouting, sports and school. She’s blessed to be called to serve her alma mater Concordia University Irvine as an Assistant Professor/Director to the DCE Program since 2014.  Duport has served Lutheran churches for 16 years as a DCE throughout the country (Idaho, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida) in life-span education roles working with children, youth, family and older adults. Her service to the body of Christ also includes speaking at youth gatherings, conferences and leading training events for Family Friendly Partner’s Network (FFPN).


Duport will be leading two workshops:

The “Get Real Principle”:  You don’t have to be something you’re not. Determine the way God designed you to live/minister in the setting God has placed you to serve.  Understand what you bring to your ministry and how to develop a vision and leadership to meet your students’ needs. (Session 4)


Youth & Family Ministry – a combined approach:  A look into family-based youth ministry that passes the faith on to the next generation involving parents and the home… (Session 6)