Krista Young, DCE

Krista Young, DCE is a wife, mother of two teenage girls, DCE, and novice gardener.  She has been in parish ministry for 22 years and is currently serves as DCE and Youth Ministry at Hope Lutheran Church in Wake Forest, NC.  As a trivia note – the Wake Forest University (named after this wonderful small town) doesn’t reside here anymore – it moved to Winston Salem in the 1950’s but kept the name.  This is often confusing for folks out of state who want to discuss college basketball with her.


Survival Mode: Have you experienced those moments in ministry when you are unsure what you should do or say?  When teenagers, their families and friends are in crisis mode, what are we expected to do?   Let’s discuss ways to be proactive, gain permission to speak the truth, and how to help teenagers look to God in the midst of their crisis. (Session 5 & 7)


Seasoned, Not Stale: For those of us in youth ministry after age _______  (I won’t tell if you don’t).  When you can’t quote the lyrics to their songs, don’t know what their words mean, and shouldn’t wear their fashions, can you still be effective with teenagers?  YES!  YES! AND YES!  We will affirm “mature” folks in ministry and explore ways to ignite  your passion for ministry as your body (but not your spirit) ages. (Sessions 4 & 8)