Dr. Mark Blanke, DCE

Dr. Mark Blanke, DCE, is the DCE Program Director and Director of Strategic Planning and University Institutes at Concordia University Nebraska.  He served as a DCE in California before becoming a professor.  Most recently, he and his wife worked with a group of nine high school kids for their four years of high school – finishing this year when they graduated.


High Expectation Youth Ministry: Using your ministry to mold youth into Christian leaders – What do your youth see as the purpose of your youth program?  Do they think it is supposed to entertain them or to prepare them to be Christian leaders?  We’ll talk about what you can do to shift the focus and help these youth during this critical developmental period. (Session 1 & 3)


Risk Aversion vs. Risk Acceptance in Youth Ministry – We have all become sensitized to doing all we can to protect the youth entrusted to our care, but is there ever such a thing as too much risk aversion?  No specific answers given in this session, but we will explore the possible ramifications of too much safety and how to be more discerning about this issue. (Session 2)