Dr. Jacob Youmans, DCE

Dr. Jacob Youmans, DCE, has served as a Youth and Family Minister in Hawaii and California, and in July 2009, he started as the Director of the DCE (Director of Christian Education) program at Concordia University Texas. Jake has led and served on mission teams to every continent except Antarctica, authored four books: Talking Pictures: How to Turn a Trip to the Movies into a Mission Trip, Abba Daddy Do: Adventures in Child-Like Faith, Missional U: Life as a Mission Trip and Missional Too: The Trip of a Lifetime and has spoken to groups of students and adults all over the world. Most importantly, he’s married to Christy, a teacher, artist and musician, and has two princesses, Maile who’s 12 and Leilani who’s 10.

High School Musical to Animal House: How to get students ready for college

Join college professor Jacob Youmans as we explore the mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects of getting students ready for college. Volunteers and professionals in youth ministry are in a key position to help students prepare for this next chapter of their life. (Session 5)


Breathing, Eating and Sex: Healthy sexual choices

Conversations about sex and sexuality are commonplace in youth ministry. Have our students heard it all before? Do they know what we are going to say before we say it? Come explore a holistic and frank conversation about sex that does not include scare tactics and STD statistics. (Session 6 & 7)