Mr. Brad Alles

Brad Alles, Senior Religion Teacher, Milwaukee (Wis.) Lutheran High School, , and is also an adjunct instructor at Concordia University Wisconsin.  He is a graduate of Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska with a Bachelor’s degree in education, majoring in art and theology, and received his Master’s degree in Christian education from Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois.  Brad has earned awards for educational excellence on various levels.  He was awarded the Heartland Funds Teacher of Merit at Milwaukee Lutheran High School in 2000, the South Wisconsin District (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) Teacher of the Year in 2007, the State of Wisconsin Finalist for the Kohl Teacher Fellowship in 2008 & 2009, and the Concordia University Wisconsin James Juergensen Master Educator Award in 2012.


Known for his ability to breakdown Scripture so it is easily understood and applied, he is a frequent Bible study teacher at Milwaukee area churches.  In addition, he has been a featured speaker in nineteen different states, talking at youth gatherings and church worker conferences. His passion for God’s Word comes through clearly in his teaching style.  (www.bradalles.com)


Case for Christianity:  Can you explain and defend why you believe what you do?  Can your youth?  It is as easy as ABC–A is archaeology, Bible is Bible, C is for Christ Jesus.  Find out more in this apologetics workshop. (Session 4 & 8)


Post-Modernism: Teaching Truth When None Exists:  How do you know if something is true?  What is Post-Modernism?  How does it apply to issues like choosing your gender?  Be ready to explain the Truth in an age where no truth exists, and help your kids survive in a sea of relativism. (Session 3)