Audrey Duensing-Werner, DCE

Audrey Duensing-Werner, DCE, was a music teacher for four years before becoming certified as a director of Christian education. She has served as a DCE in various settings and congregations since 1991 and is currently serving as the Director of Child and Family Ministries at Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood, Missouri. Werner is a nationally certified spiritual director, served as a speaker, author and presenter on numerous occasions at youth ministry and education-related events and is involved in the National Association of DCEs and Lutheran Education Association.


Already Lost? – For years we’ve been scratching our head trying to figure out ways to keep our youth engaged in the faith community and on a continual faith walk. Many times we lose them after Confirmation and even more when they attend college. Let’s not create another program. Let’s not write more curriculum. Let’s hear and share together ways that we can make a difference today and eternally in the hearts and lives of our young people and their families. Let the church arise and fight back. (Session 3)


Along with Dave and Jen Probst, Audrey will lead the following Gathering workshop:

Navigating the LCMS Youth Gathering: Are you an Adult Leader preparing to take a group of youth to the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA? Hear from Gathering Community Life team leaders about how to prepare for the event and guide your youth through a meaningful experience in their faith development.
(Session 2 & 9)