I’m confused by the schedule. When does the event start?


NATONAL15 has a schedule different from past years.  Based on responses from past participants, NATIONAL planners desire to accommodate the schedule of people who can dedicate no more than two weekdays to the event as well as individuals who must attend or serve at their home congregation over the weekend.


Sunday is the first day of NATIONAL program starting with a worship opportunity at a New Orleans LCMS congregation (transportation assistance provided).  Registration and workshops will be available on Sunday afternoon.  A workshop session will also be available on Monday morning.


The “core” of NATIONAL15 begins with the first plenary session on late Monday morning and runs through the fourth plenary on Tuesday afternoon.  Numerous workshop sessions happen on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Participants are welcomed at attend Sunday through Wednesday to take full advantage of all workshop offerings.


The first youth track session will be on Monday morning.  For additional details of the schedule, please visit the Schedule information.

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